Music for Blankets 2014


Music for Blankets on the Saturday 12th of April, launched our first fundraising event for the year. In the Band Room of The Workers Club in Fitzroy, local bands including The Keiths!, Atkinson Jones, Dear Plastic, and Sleep Decade, rocked the evening to raise 598 blankets and kickstart the blankets drive in time for the cold season ahead.

While the bands were entertaining guests, local caterer Aroma Lily filled their stomachs with delicious food cooked at the onsite kitchen with all proceeds contributing to the blankets count.

The speech segment of our nights forms a critical part of 300 Blankets. This gives us the opportunity to invite people who dedicate their dedicate their lives helping others and to share their stories and experiences. On the night, Leo Holt, Collingwood Soup Van President, spoke to the crowd about the significance of services for people experiencing homelessness whilst I talked about the power of volunteering and the effects it has on the disadvantage people we serve. Numbers and statistics can always be thrown around but at the end of the day, we must remember that we’re all just human. We must do what we can to help those less fortunate.

The night would not have been such a success without the comedic support of Host Lana Schwarz from That Girl Entertainment, photography by Peter Barlow, sound production by See Sharp Productions and the army of 300 Blankets volunteers.

The best news is that blankets raised on were hitting the streets the week after, and all blankets have already been delivered to our beneficiaries who help distribute our blankets to people who need it most.

Thank you for supporting 300 Blankets and our mission to keep our community warm.

Photos taken from the night are available on Flickr with thanks to Peter Barlow:




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