300 Blankets is a not for profit charity providing the caring warmth of friendship and protective warmth of blankets to people experiencing homelessness in Victoria.

We work together with a range of support groups and charities to make a significant difference in the lives of the people at risk or experiencing homelessness through our mission of keeping our community warm.

In addition, we are constantly exploring new ways to reach the greater Victorian community. Through working with schools and universities, we have to developed educational programs to teach and inspire the wider community to contribute and make a difference.

Volunteers through 300 Blankets participate in various community initiatives to provide support for people who need it most.

Our fundraising activities have so far resulted in providing over 5000 blankets to people experiencing homelessness throughout Victoria.

We pride ourselves on being lean, approachable and focused on impact. We welcome new corporate supporters and volunteers who want to make a difference. Together we can keep our community warm.

The reality of homelessness

The plight of homeless people living on the streets is an issue many think is too complex to address and we are often left feeling helpless as to how we can make a difference. After several visits to emergency accommodation centres and speaking to staff, we uncovered these facts about homelessness:


Currently there are over 105,000 people experiencing homelessness in Australia, with almost 23,000 people in Victoria alone.


Homelessness can be caused by abusive households, addictions and mental illness.


There are many categories of homelessness – people residing with friends and relatives, people in emergency accommodation, and people living rough on the streets.


Homeless people suffer abuse, psychological illnesses, and are exposed to the physical hardship of living in the cold and rain.