300 Blankets at Spring Fling

300 Blankets at Spring Fling 2013

On Sunday 20th of October, 300 Blankets participated in Spring Fling, a street festival held annually in North Melbourne. The festival provided 300 Blankets with an opportunity to gain exposure and interact with the local community. As many of our blankets end up with people in similar communities, it was a great chance to also gain insight from the locals about their experiences and thoughts on the issue of homelessness.

To intertwine our mission of keeping our community warm through blankets and friendship, our stall at Spring Fling offered visitors the unique activity of hand writing messages of hope into blankets. The purpose of this activity was to transform blankets into gifts from the community. When times are tough, it can seem that the whole world is against us. The intention of the heart warming messages are to provide hope to the recipient, to stand as a personal reminder that the community acknowledges and that the community cares. This initiative received an overwhelming response from the community and will be something we will replicate in future 300 Blankets events.

300 Blankets also launched our merchandise line as another format to fundraising. We sold stickers and hand printed environmentally friendly calico bags. Let us know when you see these bags being used!

We would like to thank everyone who supported our stand at Spring Fling. We would also like to extend a warm thank you to the organisers at Spring Fling and the awesome people at A2Z Designs. See you all at the next 300 Blankets event!

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