Who 300 Blankets is helping

Hi friends, firstly I’d like to thank you all for your show of support. The team at 300 Blankets and I are so excited about the awareness and engagement we’re building about homelessness in our community and our fundraising initiatives.

Recently, I was asked by a friend, “How do people become homeless? Do we know that the money you are raising isn’t given to homeless people with drug cravings?”

My response was, “There are many ways people can become homeless. They include evictions from their homes, financial difficulties due to job loss, relationship breakups, leaving homes due to domestic violence and abuse, they may suffer from mental disorders, gambling addictions, drug addictions – and that is only covering the surface. Homelessness can affect anyone. The money we’re raising to buy blankets isn’t going to discriminate on who gets the blankets. We believe that as human beings, we all deserve the right for the basic elements for survival – food, water, shelter.”

As a quick update, we have been approaching many blanket suppliers and there are many who are eager to assist our initiative through providing competitive prices on blankets. The weather in Melbourne is getting cold and we can’t wait to start raising money to buy blankets and distribute to the homeless community.

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