Our work thus far.

It is our ‘soft’ launch tonight. Feeling rather anxious, (a bit stressed) but no doubt we are all very incredibly excited!

Who would of known all of this all started after an almost wasted half of a Sunday, after Waz and I decided on a spontaneous brunch catch up. ‘Soo..what’s your new years resolution?’ opened up an array of what you may call ‘deep‘ discussion topics. Were we happy with our lives and where we are? What is the meaning of life? What were we put here to do? Well needless to say we weren’t able to come to any conclusions about any of the above besides the fact life is damned short, approaching our wonderful mid-late 20’s and so we agreed it was time we did something to make a difference.

Two odd hours later, we decided on our cause helping the vulnerable people in our own backyard: the homeless in Melbourne.

If you ever get a chance, have a look through: http://www.homelessforums.org/

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