Singing the Warmth of Christmas


In the frenzy of festivities and good cheer in December, it is easy for us to get lost in our own worlds. It is partly for this particular reason that the team at 300 Blankets joined hands for the first time with The Songbird Tree and helped celebrate Christmas with over 60 friends participating in the Compeer Program.

The Compeer Program is an international volunteer initiative pairing participants, who had previously been diagnosed with mental health disorders, with caring companions. This is a non-clinical program designed to provide friendship to people who need that support most. The friendship could merely involve a phone call once a fortnight to make sure that they are looking after themselves, eating and bathing regularly, or what we have seen, involve social outtings to the zoo and parks. This is such an extraordinary program spreading the warmth of friendship whilst integrating people into the society. A program we believe alines greatly with the 300 Blankets ethos.

At the Christmas luncheon, we invited the talented and community conscious The Songbird Tree singing school – lead by Kerri Ho – to add magic to the event. With many performing publicly for the first time, the musicians created an amazing environment to celebrate Christmas and arguably more importantly, friendship formed through the Compeer program. There were many highlights on the day which included an unforgettable performance of “O Holy Night” by 13 year old Emily, the Christmas carols singalong and then a very special Santa visit with gifts generously donated by Myer.

It is always a joyful honour to be able celebrate the power of friendship with Compeer. We look forward to working with the Compeer team again next year.

The team at 300 Blankets would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!

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Please visit and learn more about the wonderful groups we have been working to make this event a success:

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